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Must Watch Shower-Ballad: The Body Shop's­ "Jingle Bells" Christmas Advert

UK ad agency Mr President unites voices from around the world to spread The Body Shop international’s mission to make everybody feel good this Christmas with this absolutely brilliantly entertaining advert simply entitled "Jingle Bells".

The shower-ballad spot takes us around the globe to record the world’s favourite Christmas song, men and women are shown indulging in the shower karaoke belting out Jingle Bells. You may catch yourself singing along and while not everyone will appreciate your shower-singing prowess, what they WILL appreciate is a gift that will make them Feel So good this festive season.

The snippets of people singing during their bathroom routine throughout the spot features six languages – English, Cantonese, Portuguese, Japanese, German and French. Ladies, you may recognize that hulky man with the long hair as Joel Hicks from Always With A Smile.

The Body Shop also uses the spot to pledge to donate one day’s worth of safe water to a family in Ethiopia, through WaterAid, every time it sells a gift set.

Creative Credits:
Ad Agency: Mr. President
Director: Thea Hamren
Creative: Tom Bird
Director: Luke Bellis
Producer: Charlie Phillips
Production Company: Mindseye
Photography: Luke Palmer (Vision)

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Must Watch Shower-Ballad: The Body Shop's­ "Jingle Bells" Christmas Advert + Featured Ads