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MATCH: New ad says "I met someone" are the hardest words in a relationship

The three hardest words in the English language might not be “I love you,” they’re “I met someone.” They represent that moment of bravery, that moment of revelation, when you know that the person you’ve met is going to meet your mom. The new Match ads, created by agency SS+K, captures the moment you know.

The campaign is the first work from SS+K for Match. As the dating space becomes more and more inundated with apps and free services, Match asked SS+K for ways to stand out. “They came to us looking for a new way to engage a potential audience and demonstrate their difference in a way that felt real and authentic,” says Brad Kay, President of SS+K.

So the ads capture the moments when people decide that their dates have turned into a relationship: a coffee with friends, a morning call with a parent, even ice cream with your kids. If it’s serious enough to tell friends and family, you know you’ve found something real.

CEO, Chairman of Match Group: Greg Blatt
CEO, Match North America: Mandy Ginsberg
Chief of Marketing: Ayesha Gilarde
Creative Director: Susan Tam
VP, Brand Marketing and Communications: Alexis Ferraro
Director of Brand Strategy: Lakshmi Rengarajan

Partner, President: Brad Kay
Partner, Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Hershfield
Director of Production + Innovation: John Swartz
Senior Producer: Pamela Shulman
Senior Art Director: Alyssa Georg
Senior Copywriter: Elena Knox
Business Manager: Sarah Giarraffa
VP, Account Director: Alex Neophytou
Partner, Head of Strategy + Research: Rebecca Matovic

Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Managing Director/Executive Producer: Lisa Margulis
Head Of Production/Executive Producer: Elizabeth Minzes
Director: Melodie McDaniel
Executive Producer: Eric Escott
DP: Benn Martenson

Editorial Company: Friendshop
Editor: Tim Wilson
Asst. Editor: Maggie Sloane

Telecine: Sophie Borup (CO3)

Mixer: Jodi Levine (Heard City)
Music Company: We Are Walker

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MATCH: New ad says "I met someone" are the hardest words in a relationship + trendy