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PG Tips: Giant Tea Monkey invades London

To celebrate the delicious cuppa that is Green Tea, a statue of PG Tips Green Tea Monkey was floated down the River Thames and here's what some of my chums had to say about it.....

In a bid to energise Londoners on their commute, Monkey has set sail down the Thames a huge six-metre statue of himself, enjoying a fresh tasting cup of PG tips Green Tea. The two-storey topiary crafted from 110,486 fabricated green tea leaves stunned onlookers who took a break from their morning routine to admire him in all his greenery.

PG tips Green Tea and Monkey were inspired to create this magnificent ‘vision in green’ to highlight a forthcoming ‘Green Paper’ report to be published by PG tips Green Tea. The ‘Green Paper’ has identified the presence of green, from workspaces to living room walls, as having a direct impact on boosting positivity and productivity due to the primal association to nature and open spaces.

As Green Tea Monkey cruised the capital’s shores to invigorate and energise commuters, he lived up to his larger than life character as he dominated iconic London structures including The Shard, Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge.

Creative Credits:
Agency: W Communications
Creative Director: Scott Dimbleby
Production company: TNR
Director: Adam Marshall

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PG Tips: Giant Tea Monkey invades London + UK ADVERTS